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A few compelling reasons to move to cloud contact centers

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Cloud is the new normal for most enterprises with most of them have moved to the cloud or in the process of moving to the cloud and contact centers are no exception to this normal. Studies have shown that two-thirds of the contact centers are open to moving to the cloud. However, how do you know whether the cloud migration…
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Automotive Industry Call Center Solutions

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Call Center Solutions Bring Innovation to the Automotive Industry Connect With the Customer The automotive industry is all about customer satisfaction. If your company has a good reputation for fast, efficient, quality service, the business never stops coming. Whether it’s a dealership or repair shop, the automotive industry benefits from seeking only the best technology and solutions when it comes…
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Why the Government Uses Call Center Technology

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Government Call Center Solutions What Are the Benefits? Elections are looming. Constituents want responses to their phone calls, letters, or emails. A proposition may pass unless the troops are mobilized. Mailers, emails, and door-to-door approaches are limited and costly. Phone calls are too expensive and labor intensive. For all of these reasons and more, the government has started using virtual…
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