Voice broadcasting will help your call center reduce your customer acquisition cost by 66%

Jan 17, 2018

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Author: dhivakar.aridoss

You run a domestic outbound call center and your agents are 85% productive – leaving aside the time for coffee breaks, coaching time and the time spent in waiting for the call to be connected.

How many calls do they get to make in their productive time?

Assuming that an agent takes 2 minutes on an average in a call, they get to make 204 calls in their productive time in a day.

What happens in these 204 calls?

Let us take a scenario where you want to have the probability of winning 100 cases on a daily basis. You need anywhere between 10 and 50 agents depending on how well your process works – a good prospect list, high-energy agents, water tight script and a reliable predictive phone system.

Size of the prospect list is another factor to be considered while sizing your outbound call center operations. Let us assume that your prospect list is about 200, 000 that is refreshed on a monthly basis. When an agent makes 200 calls per day and the agent works 22 days in a month, we are talking about 4400 calls/agent/month and the operations would need 45 agents to cover the list, lest you would be leaving potential revenues lying on the table.

With 45 agents, you would convert 180 – 450 cases in the best-case scenario and convert 90 – 134 cases in the not-so-best-case scenario per day. The total number of closures would be 2000 to 10000 and the average number of closures would be 6000 in a month. If the agent FTE cost is 25k/month, we are talking about 11.25 lacs/month in terms of resource cost. Add to this the infrastructure cost, project management cost, QA cost, HR cost and you are looking at an apportioned cost of about INR 55000/month/agent. Your cost per closure will vary anywhere between INR 360 and 1800. Let us take the average cost as INR 1080 per closure.

This cost is way-too-high for a call center operation. How do we reduce this?

We have helped a number of outbound domestic call centers using our voice broadcasting solution – ClearTouch notify. Our voice broadcasting has a 2 – 3% success rate. Assuming that it is only 2 % and we run it twice a month, we can look at 8000 leads. Among these leads, you can look at 30% conversion – we are talking about 2400 closures. For the remaining 3600 closures, we need only about 27 agents, which results in huge reduction in terms of cost. The average cost per closure would be INR 360 per closure resulting in savings of 66% to the overall costs.

Voice Broadcasting savings

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