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Feb 11, 2018

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Author: Vinith Kumar

I am a retailer and I have about 100 walk-ins every day and about 250 walk-ins during the festive season. I collect their mobile numbers during the billing process and get their permission to communicate with them on offers, promotions, product launches and sale dates. I run a number of analytical tools to slice and dice the data to figure out what would appeal to different sets of audience.

We run multiple campaigns to our customers – emails, SMS, social media posts & advertisements, and traditional advertisements. Our messaging is consistent across platforms and we keep reinforcing our messages. While we get results, the results aren’t very encouraging and does not justify the marketing spend. We are stuck here and are looking at a way to get our word out better to our customers.

Some possible issues that your campaigns face include:

Emails – the open rates aren’t very high and almost every other retailer is doing it. It is undifferentiated and doesn’t result in business easily
SMS – doesn’t get read unless it is from a source known to them
Social media posts – employs user feedback algorithms that only shows a small percentage of the posts you share and doesn’t get seen
Social media advertisements – this works well provided your targeting is right. Also, you need to have thorough follow-up to complete the transaction
Traditional advertisements – huge costs with no predictable or measurable results

While all of these are channels that work, they don’t work that very well anymore. However, they suck in a lot of money and before you realize, these activities exhaust your marketing spend.

What is the solution then?

Using a voice broadcast from time-to-time can be a game changer. With voice broadcasting, you can send voice messages in seconds to all of your customers. Depending on the software you use, if you customer did not receive the voice message, they system will automatically try again or leave a voice message.

It gives you access to how many calls were made, how many calls went answered/unanswered, how many messages were left on an answering machine, call hang-ups, call completion percentage, and actionable information from a customer through key press or voice response. Voice broadcasting ensures that the message is delivered to the target list.

How does it work?

All you have to do is subscribe to a voice broadcasting solution, prepare a script, record your voice, upload your recipient list and broadcast it to the list. It is as simple as that.

While the voice broadcasting solution is more expensive than email and SMS marketing, it would pay for itself in the very first campaign by increasing the sales.

If you need help in structuring your voice messaging solution, we are just a call away and we can be reached at +91 44 22255050

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