Multi-channel customer service: the holy grail of contact centers

Jun 10, 2018

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Author: Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Recently, I wanted to know some information about my insurance policy and I visited the company’s website to figure out the way to reach them. There were no numbers provided on their site and I was directed to send a text message to a particular number and one of their agents would call me back. It took 4 hours for the agent to call me to address my query.

In the case of my Internet connection, the provider encourages me to register complaints via their mobile app. When you do so, all you get is a complaint number with a safety message that states the issue would be resolved in a few hours. These are some of the recent interactions that I have had with the service providers with no better channel for me to reach them.

While these were the only channels that were available for me to reach my providers, wouldn’t it be better if I was provided with multiple channels and I pick and choose the channel that I want to use? This is precisely where contact centers have to go if they are looking at improving customer service. However, that is not the case in reality, for most providers think that multi-channel interactions would be expensive. On top of it, they end up reducing the number of agents and it reflects on the quality of customer service that they provide.

Imagine the following scenarios:

1. I send an SMS and I immediately get contacted by an agent
2. I register the complaint in the mobile app and I get assigned a ticket number. Within minutes, I get a
confirmation message stating that the ticket has been assigned to a technician and the likely time in which he/she would attend to the complaint
3. I go to the website of the provider and click on customer service, they connect me directly to an agent through WebRTC or get connected with the chatbot that can resolve most queries. Else, it can redirect me to an agent
4. I call up the contact center and I am directed by the IVR to the right skilled agent depending on my issue
5. I send an email regarding my complaint and it assigns a complaint number to it and provides me with a link to track my request
6. I go to the company’s social media page and add a comment in one of their posts, which gets directed to the right agent. He/She calls me and addresses my concerns.

Customers would be absolutely delighted with these scenarios and the loyalty levels would considerably go up. However, this means that all the channels and CRM have to be integrated seamlessly with the contact center. Does this mean that you have to make huge investments in terms of contact center infrastructure? Absolutely not.

There are a number of cloud options available that allows you to integrate all your channels and the CRM with the contact center. That too at a subscription price point that is easy on your pocket. Do reach out to me at if you need additional information.

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