ClearTouch delivers the best cloud call center technology in the industry. Increase agent productivity and efficiency in day-to-day interactions with customers, and resulting in a higher success rate with your collections.

The most advanced technology in the simplest form. Ease with precision.

Immediate Results For Your Business:

  • Unlimited Capacity
  • Fluid Autopacing
  • Answering Machine Detection Rates
  • Broader Account Penetration
  • Agent Screen Pops
  • Integrates with all CRMs and Collectors Software
  • Turn your collectors into inbound agents taking pre-qualified right party calls
  • Leave prerecorded messages to free up collectors’ time
  • Pay over the phone or via an internet portal

With ClearTouch’s predictive dialer you can immediately increase your promise-to-pay rates.

Predictive Dialing Utilizing Agent Gateway

Calls are automatically paced on targets and availability of agents. Live persons are detected and connected to the next available agents with a sub-second connection. The agent hears a tone indicating that they have a consumer that has already said, “Hello”, and at the same time debtor’s contact data pops up on an Agent Gateway work screen allowing for review of the account.

Standard tools with every agent include:

  • Agent Transfer
  • Coach Monitoring with Barge in
  • Agent Conference
  • Agent Manual Dial

Learn more: Predictive Dialing | Agent Gateway

Conditional Dialing / Sequential Dialing

ClearTouch allows for dialing multiple phone numbers in easily customizable dial strategies. Configuring strategies include automatically redialing ‘Busy’ and ‘No Answers’ at a specific time of day or even dialing an alternate phone number.

Call Recording

All debtor/agent conversations can be recorded free of charge. This allows you to better understand how your Agents and Customers interact with each other.

Learn more: Call Recording

Machine / Voicemail Detection

Agent’s time is never wasted leaving messages. ClearTouch delivers a prerecorded message, and is accurate 99% in machine / voicemail detection. Additionally we are always monitoring and improving this service as voicemail technology advances.

Local Caller ID

ClearTouch’s Local ID service matches the debtor with a local number in a bucket that has remote call forwarding. These numbers can be randomized, increasing right-party-connection.

Manual Dialing / Preview Dialing

Any 10 digit phone number can be dialed by an agent with various countries supported. A record pops up on an Agent Gateway work screen allowing the agent to review the account and choose to place a call or not place a call.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

ClearTouch offers multiple campaign monitoring tools. The Quick View Dashboard gives an overview of the day’s statistics. With unlimited custom reports you’re guaranteed to have the tools you need to make informed decisions.

Check out our reporting Gallery

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