Reports, reports everywhere, but how much of it is of value?

Jun 19, 2018

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Author: Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

A typical call center manager spends about 30% of his/her time compiling reports that would help improve the efficiency of agents. Some of the standard reports include:

1. Speed of answer
2. Average call-handling time
3. Delay before abandon
4. Delay between calls
5. Email handling time
6. Percentage of calls abandoned
7. Number of interactions waiting

While these queue-centric reports give an idea of how well the agent is performing, there is nothing specific here on CRM-focused measures like customer satisfaction, increase in market share, and improvement in loyalty levels.

There is little sense in achieving high levels of efficiency when the customers remain unhappy with the service provided and aren’t knowledgeable about your offerings that they should be buying. Your contact center solution should ideally be able to configure the kind of reports that you would need.

Imagine a few scenarios:

1. A new advertising campaign is launched in mainstream dailies and the call volumes have gone up
2. A large number of untrained agents start work at the same time and the customer satisfaction survey reflects it
3. Chatbot gets added to the interaction channels and the number of calls to the support center reduces considerably
4. A key product line is offered at a discount and the sales increases considerably
5. A TV commercial is aired and that increases call volumes

These scenarios reflect the impact that the events can have on a call center operation. All these actionable reports can be pulled out as a part of contact center reports. These reports would make more sense as it measures the impact on the top line and bottom-line growth of the organization.

Also, this kind of analytics would free up the manager’s time to work on things that matter like increased sales, increased customer loyalty, and more satisfied customers. Do reach out to me at if you need additional information.

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