Manual Dial

Superior Manual Dialing that dramatically increases your productivity.

Manually Approved Calling

Allow a subset of agents to review and approve calls for other agents. With Manually Approved Calling (MAC), agents are presented with 3rd party contact information, in the same format that it will appear on the agent screen during the actual call. The agent then simply presses the “Approve” button to add it to the call queue, or “Reject” to cancel the call.

Adding a human element to Manual Dialing

  • Unified interface for any or some agents to seamlessly switch between approving calls and taking calls.
  • Ability to Manually approve cell phones only or all without the need to have separate campaigns.
  • Agents see all account information available and not just phone number. Providing a much better opportunity to quickly review each account.

Increase your Manual Dialing performance by up to 10x


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