Services Included

ClearTouch cares about value. We include additional services to match your needs at no cost. Our technology is client driven because it is developed with constant feedback and suggestions from you, our clients, the professionals who use this technology daily. Delivering best practice solutions, feature requests, and 24/7 support, over and over clients choose ClearTouch because of the service they receive.

Professional Services

ClearTouch takes a consultative approach to ensure your organizations success.

Training and Support

Every ClearTouch customer has access to free 24/7 telephone, chat, and email support. ClearTouch also has a library of help documents, API sheets, and a knowledge base with helpful common solution answers.

API Integration

Our web-services API allows for customized integration with whatever application you are using. It’s simple, clean, and easy to use. We also have partnered with leading CRMs to allow personal customization.

System Security and Upgrades

Our product releases and enhancements are conducted on a bi-monthly basis, ensuring that you have the best features as soon as they are available. Rigorous development testing, beta testing, and controlled live testing, take careful measures and are upgraded during scheduled downtimes.

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