IVR System

ClearTouch is your IT department “In the Cloud” for all your IVR needs, which means no expensive hardware, no minimum contracts, and no new staff. That’s big savings. And cost is only one of multiple benefits of the ClearTouch cloud-based Interactive Voice Response System.

Unlike In-House IVRs, ClearTouch offers:

  • No limitation of lines
  • Your dialer capacity is untouched
  • No more costs for unused dialer licenses
  • Diversified functionality with voice, script, and complicated layered messages
  • Merge high-quality text-to-speech into each message
  • Revolutionary “Data Dip” on outbound and inbound calls

ClearTouch’s blended IVR capabilities allow for simple or sophisticated design to handle each call using customized voice recordings, menu selection, and routing options to appropriately skilled agents, or immediate pass-through to Blended Agents. This is accomplished using intuitive templates and call flow wizards delivering quick configuration of IVR script that can be put into production within minutes.

The Advantages and Features are Limitless:

  • Escalation based routing
  • Customer IVR navigation data on Agent Gateway
  • Direct customers to auto-payment systems
  • Free call recording with interrupt
  • Toll free or local DID’s
  • Port existing numbers
  • Real-time operational statistics and reporting agent efficiencies
  • Check out our reporting Gallery
  • Free 24/7-365 support

Decision Blocking based on:

  • Time of Day, Phone Number, and last Dial Attempt
  • Record Data information
  • DTMF Input from the Caller
  • Agent Availability

The Bottom Line

A more efficient and cost-effective use of your most valuable resource–your full time employees. Hands down, ClearTouch’s Platform 3 provides the simplest to use and most full-featured IVR system in the industry.

Call today for a free demo and let us help you transform your IVR solution.

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