ClearTouch Intelligent Messaging

For Performance, Productivity and Profit

Reach thousands of contacts within minutes using ClearTouch’s cloud-based Intelligent Messaging System. Since there are no upfront fees, hardware or software expenses, ClearTouch system offers a solution that is as economical as it is effective.

Custom Layered Messaging

With the touch of a button, the call recipient can answer questions and offer information. Based on the response, the system automatically directs the contact to the next appropriate question, creating a customized dialogue for each call recipient.


Personalize messages with the call recipient’s name and other relevant information using ClearTouch text-to-speech option.

Talk-Off Recordings

The system easily records all calls, allowing you to search for and retrieve the recordings for quality assurance or training purposes.

Remote Access and Deployment

Using the web-based system, you have the ability to deploy a message at any time, from any location. Only a telephone is required to record and send a message.

Online Real-Time Reporting

ClearTouch state-of-the-art system offers detailed, customized, real-time reports, allowing you to evaluate and adjust your call strategy immediately.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Free to all ClearTouch users, the system’s DND functionality removes numbers on a nightly basis and ensures compliance with Do Not Disturb restrictions.

Direct-Connect to a Call Center

Call recipients can easily contact back to your call center to ask questions, offer information, confirm an appointment or make a payment.

Software Integration

The system is designed to integrate seamlessly with your CRM and other software. ClearTouch offers assistance with set-up and ongoing training at no extra charge.

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