The Most Advanced Notification Tool, Ever

Communication is the lifeblood of business. A clear, effective, efficient and economical channel of communication is what every business-person dreams of. ClearTouch makes your dream come true. Not only is our communication channel lucid and competent, it also gives you an edge over others since we offer various customizations that you can personalize your voice messages.

Advanced Technology

ClearTouch is the most innovative and cost-effective and intelligent messaging system available in the world today. The state-of-the-art technology behind ClearTouch can deliver a message that you can pre-record, in your own voice, to innumerable number of your customers, contacts and members.


If you can type into your computer, you can use ClearTouch. It is as simple as that. You can use it from any location. You require just two things—a telephone and an internet-enabled computer.


Most of the intelligent messaging systems require expensive hardware or software that the company needs to purchase. However, ClearTouch makes no such conditions. There is zero initial investment and therefore, absolutely no risk involved. ClearTouch gives you a intelligent messaging system that you can use whenever you require. Thus, this is the most economical and effective way to reach your clients.


ClearTouch delivers your message immediately, when you need it. It offers substantial savings in money and efforts, when compared with other modes of communication. For example,

  • Gone are the days when you make calls manually. You can save innumerable number of man-hours and also increase the rate of calls made once you automate the outgoing calls.
  • A direct-mail campaign is not only expensive and time-consuming but it is also less efficient now days, as spam filters are growing stronger and weeding out even genuine messages. This is not the case with ClearTouch. You are hundred-percent assured of the message reaching the desired person. Response

ClearTouch will supplement your current marketing efforts and seamlessly blend into all your marketing plans. It will not just increase the rate of outbound calls but will also drive up inbound call volume into your call center. The main reason for this is our high-tech interactive keypad response system that ensures a reply is just a click away. While most clients choose ClearTouch for a few purposes initially, they soon discover endless applications for the same. We are sure you will too.

ClearTouch is the industry leader with its comprehensive array of advanced cloud-based notification tools used by thousands of agents.

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Need to modify individual campaigns or track agent performance? No problem. ClearTouch Agent Gateway is intuitive, customizable, and fully equipped to deliver more efficient dialing than ever before. And because ClearTouch’s data centers are located with Tier-One Telco providers, we are able to provide new cutting edge features faster. Your company is no longer bound by time, physical distance, complicated software installations, or inconvenient management delays. In short, ClearTouch provides service that is not only quality, but quality on demand.

How It Works

ClearTouch seamlessly integrates with CRM’s, collections software, and other software tools to simplify account updating, utilizing our easy API tools. Web-based voice features and services revolutionize the complications of call lists, busy signals, and uninterested parties, leaving professional recordings with customers and merging necessary data into individual messages that give customers options to pay via phone or an internet portal. Other recorded features include the option for customers to speak with an agent immediately. These calls are then automatically routed to the most skilled agent available.

The process of establishing an account and making calls through ClearTouch is simple and user-friendly. The main steps that you would need to follow are:

  • Step 1: Obtain a Clear Touch Connect username and password by contacting us.
  • Step 2: Create Call groups by importing an existing database or keying them in on your computer.
  • Step 3: Establish a broadcast. Record your message(s). This could be for a live answer or for machine/voice mail or a prerecorded message or it could be for all of them. Attach the call group to the broadcast.
  • Step 4: You can send the message immediately, or schedule it for later. All calls made using Clear Touch Connect in India use a local Indian service provider.

When compared with the competition—ClearTouch is the clear choice

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