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The ClearTouch Hosted Contact Center empowers organizations to leverage the cloud. ClearTouch’s solution enables clients around the globe, regardless of size, application, or location, to access world-class technology via a simple cloud-based interface. With multichannel communications such as inbound, outbound, and blended capabilities, predictive dialing and customizable voice recorded messaging has never been easier. Best of all, no hardware, software, or staffing overhaul. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Agent Gateway

ClearTouch’s secure and intuitive Agent Gateway allows for customization, efficiency, and agent-manager communication. Callers are connected to agents in less than a second, and information is flashed on-screen. Notes can be logged directly without the need of a CRM.

A hallmark feature is skills-based routing: ClearTouch calculates agent aptitudes on a large scale, and queues calls to the best available agent in less than one second.

  • Gateway Interface Features – Scripted responses, agent or open transfer, conferencing, manager barge-in, manager-to-agent messaging, manager dashboards, auto-pacing, agent triggers, and call recording.
  • Learn more about Agent Gateway
  • Connection Options – ClearTouch’s softphone with headset, TDM toll free/local (standard phone), and SIP dialing via the internet and SIP capable softphone.
  • Productivity Reporting – Real-time reports, charts and analysis for managers. Time-of-day, day-of-week, and staff performances are recorded, and can be evaluated to increase productivity.
  • Check out our reporting Gallery

ClearTouch’s technology provides you with the best Hosted Contact Center options available in the industry at the lowest price, all designed to give your company increased efficiency and profitability.

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