Our services can support an infinite number of applications—auto dealerships, museums hosting new exhibits, medical offices sending appointment reminder calls, political activists seeking constituent support, church groups inviting members to attend, newspapers asking subscribers to renew, schools alerting parents about attendance . . . or any number of businesses marketing their products and services. Explore more below.


From sending birthday messages to previous customers to contacting customers nearing the end of their lease terms, ClearTouch Notify can help you strengthen your customer relationships and drive traffic to your showroom and service department.

Financial Institutions

Like the ClearTouch Dialer, ClearTouch Intelligent Messaging System make it easy for accounts receivable management clients to reach thousands of contacts within minutes.


One of the most powerful ways to address these challenges is to communicate with patients as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. ClearTouch can help you do just that by providing a full suite of automated notification services and call center technology all in a single hosted cloud environment.


ClearTouch interactive keypad makes it easy for you to conduct polls and surveys, and easy for respondents to participate. Contacts simply press a button to indicate their opinion or preference.


In the event of an emergency that affects service, ClearTouch Notify allows you to contact customers with estimated restart times. Since the system is 100% cloud-based, you have the ability to send messages at any time, from any location.


ClearTouch’s technology provides you with the best tools for Business Process Outsourcers (BPO) available in the industry at the lowest price, all designed to give your company increased efficiency and profitability.

Contact Centers

ClearTouch’s solution enables clients around the globe, regardless of size, application, or location, to access world-class technology via a simple cloud-based interface.


The clientele of ClearTouch span not just countries but also industries. We have clients in the following markets and professions:

  • Financial Markets
  • Utility Companies
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Physicians
  • Retail Stores
  • Government Entities
  • Political Campaigns
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Automobile Dealerships
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