Call Recording Storage

Ensure industry compliance and the highest quality in customer service.

ClearTouch’s integrated call recording is built for your training needs. ClearTouch records all inbound, outbound, manual, and predictive calls without the need to export to a third-party, while delivering secure and flexible retrieval options, allowing contact centers to have access to each recording.

Our easy to use, highly flexible call recording is configurable to your contact centers needs – record what you need, when you need it, and access it where you need.


  • 100% Call Recording (predictive, manual, outbound, and inbound calls)
  • Searchable recordings
  • Remote real-time call monitor/coach/barge
  • Auditor access with role-based security
  • Secure storage and recording transfers

Centralize your data in one place so that it can be found instantly. It ensures that your data will always be available to you. When offices opt to store information in various places, it opens them to the possibility of losing information as a result of disorganized file storage practices. ClearTouch’s long-term storage will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are compliant and in control of all your data at all times.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes quality monitoring, process compliance, dispute resolution and agent coaching and training
  • Your contact center won’t out grow call recording storage capacity, instead the solution will scale as your business needs grow or change
  • Record all calls without buying a third-party system
  • Centralize your data in one place
  • Dynamic search and retrieval
  • Listen to calls on any popular media player

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