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Companies and Employees Benefit From Virtual Call Centers

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Virtual call centers are changing the business landscape by providing call center teams the opportunity to work without geographic limitations. The virtual call center model benefits employees and companies in a number of ways – they can save you money and make your telephone campaigns more effective and efficient. With call centers, you can utilize the benefits of having strictly trained professionals handling all of your call center needs.

Virtual call centers are allowing teams to be made up of employees from several locations. The infrastructure of the call center is virtual; existing in the cloud, there is no need for teams to exist together in a physical office. This creates a new market for people wishing to work from home and creates a large pool of potential team members waiting to be recruited.

Employers stand to benefit from virtual call centers for a number of reasons. With a completely virtual team, all connected to the system via the cloud, office space costs can be greatly reduced. Since team members can all be telecommuters, computer equipment is therefore furnished by the employees themselves rather than the company. All of this leads to lower expenses and more black ink on the bottom line.

TCN’s Virtual Call Center structure allows companies to maintain a call center field while in fact agents can be located anywhere in the world, needing only a computer and a headset to take calls. Adding new agents to the system is a breeze, and can be accomplished quickly to ensure your campaign continues to run at peak performance.

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Platform 3.0: The Latest In Flexible, Cloud Based Virtual Call Centers

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Today’s cloud computing technology means there are exciting new possibilities for virtual call centers and auto-dial campaigns. It is no longer necessary to increase staff and invest more capital to leverage your business. Cloud-based call centers allow users to spend less time dealing with hardware and software, and requires little technical expertise to implement. Cloud technology means less time wasted, less cost, and more focus on agents connecting with consumers. The cloud allows the call center to exist virtually with remote agents.

With Platform 3.0, you can reach thousands of consumers per hour by taking advantage of functions designed to minimize time spent on hang-ups, answering machines and busy signals. Your Agents can log in to the system and work from anywhere, giving you a virtually connected call center with the functionality you need to be successful.

TCN’s Platform 3.0 is the latest in cutting-edge cloud-based Virtual Call Center technology. Being completely cloud-based, P3 requires no complicated hardware. Connecting Agents and Customers has never been easier. TCN ensures that all calls are pre-qualified and comply with the regulations and limitations held by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Helping your Agents work efficiently and effectively is a top priority, and Platform 3.0 offers a variety of tools to keep them on task. Conditional Dialing can be customized to reschedule busy and no answer calls for a pre-determined later time, allowing your Agents more time to interact with real people. TCN can also detect machines and voice mails to allow for further efficiency.

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