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Benefits of a Virtual Call Center

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Technology, people and business continue to evolve as we speak and will continue to do so until the end of time. Call centers are evolving just as much to ensure they are meeting customer/consumer expectations as well as maintaining the same pace as the evolution of other’s companies so their services can still be utilized. For companies that use contact centers, there are many benefits for both sides, the top one being that they allow a business to extend their service hours without actually having to have a full staff in the office. If a company is seeking the ability to have around the clock communications with its customers, a virtual center is able to make that possible.

It has been proven that productivity levels have raised since telecommuting became possible. “Virtual” call centers generally allow people to work in the comfort of their own home or home office where they can be relaxed and strictly focus on their work without having to worry about other interference. This actually benefits both ends of the spectrum here and saves money for all parties involved. Along with offering virtual services, there is a lower employee turnover rate as well. People who are comfortable and enjoy their position are more than likely to stay because they are not dealing with the everyday “stressors” that can surround working in an office.

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Top 10 Technology Companies in 2013

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If you ask the general public what the top technology companies of 2013 are going to be, you can bet that they will give very similar responses. The most well-known technology companies are Microsoft and Apple. They have the name brand that everyone recognizes, but are they really the best technology companies that are in operation today? Or are there some that will end up eclipsing these companies?

One thing is certain when it comes to technology: It will not be the same tomorrow as it is today. The reason that Microsoft and Apple are considered to be so good is the amount of time that they have been around. The age of the company is not what keeps it on top. It is what they have to offer and what the future holds for a technology company that matters. One of the best ways to look at who is the best is by looking at how much revenue they generate.

The Top 3

Apple, Samsung and Hewlett Packard are the top of the heap when it comes to revenue. It is amazing that despite its age, Apple is still on top and is not really showing any signs of slowing down. The other two companies on the list are also names that people know very well.

The Middle of the Pack

The middle is a mix of well-known names and some that are less familiar. At the top of this tier is Foxconn. It is based in New Taipei, Taiwan and is considered to be the largest manufacturer of electronic components in the world. IBM, Panasonic and Toshiba are the next three on the list. These names are much more familiar, but they definitely have lost some of their clout through the years. They may have to work harder if they do not want to be usurped by newer companies.

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Automotive Repair Shop Phone Solutions with TCN

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TCN can provide your company with automotive repair shop solutions. We can provide services such as automated message delivery, call transfers, surveys, and much more.

Automated message delivery can be extremely helpful in the automotive business. The service can deliver a pre-recorded message to many customers at one time. The system can be used to deliver maintenance reminders, scheduling and canceling appointments, warranty renewals, and even to let your customers know their vehicle is ready to be picked up. Automated message delivery can also be used to inform your customers of new products or services you offer or even vehicle recalls that require service.

You can chose from a number of features including message blasts, transfer capability, surveys, scheduling, and real time updates and data. You will also have the ability to know when and how your message was received and even set up a different message to be delivered to voice mail boxes.

The service can feature call transfers, which allow your caller to press a button and be connected to a live representative. The system even has the capability to count and limit the amount of transfers so as not to overwhelm the operator.

Your company may also like feedback on your customers’ experience with your business. You can easily provide multi question surveys for your customers to complete, with the customer’s responses determining the flow and order of the questions they receive. Continue Reading »

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Collections Made Easy with TCN at the #ACAConv

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For those attending the #ACAConv 2013 ACA International Credit and Collections Conference in San Diego, this post is for you.

In most cases, your first contact with a debtor is your best chance to collect on the debt. For this reason, you should have the best agents and the tools necessary to make the most out of that initial contact. TCN can ensure that your efforts to collect are a success.

TCN can provide your company with dialing services that will greet your customer with a courteous and professional pre-recorded message, or leave a message in their voice mail box. This dialing service can incorporate any necessary data pertaining to the debtor into the message. You may also give the customer options to make payments online or over the phone or even to set up payment arrangements. If the customer wishes to speak with a live representative, that can be accomplished with the push of a button. They will simply press a key and instantly be connected to an inbound call center representative. Continue Reading »

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Inbound Call Business Solutions

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If your business is looking for a new way to assist your customers with sales, order processing, billing, payments, or simply answering questions, you may be interested in inbound call centers. Depending on your budget for services, these call centers can be set up within your company, offsite, or even overseas to assist in handling calls from your customers. Inbound…
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Outbound Call Center Solutions

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Outbound call centers can provide a wide variety of benefits to your company. Outbound call centers allow your company to be proactive in selling products, collections, customer care, and much more. The call center department can be outsourced anywhere in the world, depending on your budget, or can be onsite if you choose.

These outbound call centers can prove to be an essential part of a thriving company and cater to a wide variety of business, from health care to utilities. Call center agents can place calls to potential customers in order to sell a product or service, call existing customers with courtesy calls or to offer product upgrades, or contact customers to collect money owed to your company.

Your outbound call center department would be staffed with personnel who are trained and qualified to professionally and effectively place telephone calls to your current and potential customers. Happy customers are repeat customers and they will very likely recommend your product or service to others. The right customer representatives will be selected to represent your company. Call center agents will be extensively trained on your company’s products, services and policies to ensure the best possible experience for your customers. You also have the opportunity to hire multilingual representatives to reach a broader audience. Continue Reading »

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Customer Service Made Easy with TCN

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Customer service is defined as the ability to provide service to your customers before, during and after a sale. If your business’ priorities include assisting your customers with sales, order processing, billing and payments, or simply answering questions, you may need to improve or expand your customer service department. Depending on the needs of your company and budget for services, we can set up automated customer support services for customers when contacting your company.

Professionally trained customer service personnel provide a variety of benefits to your business. The benefits include customer satisfaction, flexibility, and profit. This is accomplished through follow up calls or support for your customers, being informed, courteous and helpful, and providing a way for people who may not have otherwise known your company existed, to learn about your products and services and have the opportunity to make a purchase or take advantage of the services you offer.

Your business would be supported by skilled staff who are carefully selected and extensively trained. It has been proven that unhappy customers can be damaging to a business; and that customers who are treated well will be more likely to continue shopping with you and recommend your product or service to their friends and family. Your customers will love to be greeted by polite, professional staff who display expertise in the field of customer service. You may even request bilingual representatives to make sure all of your customers have the opportunity to be assisted. Continue Reading »

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