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TCN’s Successes in 2012

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2012 was an excellent year for TCN. There were some great innovations in VoIP technologies that we were involved with firsthand. Here’s a quick look back at what we were able to accomplish over the past year. TCN Introduces Legal Compliance Tool for Automated Call Campaigns: TCN’s manual legal compliance tools, also know as Double Compliance, enables clients to require…
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TCN Inc. Drives Exciting New Efficiencies for Automotive Software Solutions Company

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St. George, Utah—TCN Inc. announces the integration of their cutting edge automated dialing technology with AutoStar Solutions’ web-delivered software programs. The suite of exceptional call management tools now available to AutoStar clients will enable them to gain tremendous new efficiencies in such tedious tasks as collection calls while at the same time opening up exciting opportunities to proactively reach out to their customers.

As AutoStar interacts with their clients—automobile dealerships and finance companies that specialize in pre-owned vehicles—they can now provide those clients with the means to communicate with their important customers quickly and at little cost or effort. Service appointment reminders and warranty updates, announcements about specials and new car introductions, even a courtesy call to advise that their vehicle is ready to be picked up after maintenance can be fully automated on a hosted platform for pennies a day. Continue Reading »

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Voice Broadcasting As Part Of A Holistic Strategy

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The best tip to keep in mind is that Voice Broadcasting is a tool and needs to be implemented as part of an overall treatment plan that includes (or at least considers) other tools such as manual dialing, preview dialing, predictive dialing and blended inbound. As each application has benefits and restrictions, agencies should consider a holistic treatment strategy or they may be shortchanging ROI.

Voice Broadcasting is a fantastic way to “cherry pick” early cycle accounts that just need a simple reminder call with the immediacy of linking to an agent for escalation/ payment. It is useful throughout the life cycle not only for the responsive accounts but also as a low cost way to let non-responding accounts know that the agent is not going away while ensuring that every record gets a call. It can also be executed “agent-less” to let debtors “selfcure”. Paced at a trickle or at full speed, a Voice Broadcasting campaign can create a healthy buzz on the collection floor by supplementing any workload with more “inbound calls” bringing very positive and noticeable results. Continue Reading »

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