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TCN Releases Next Generation “Intelligent Skills-Based Routing” To Shorten Connection Time and Revolutionize Agent-Customer Matching

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TCN Inc. today announced the release of its intelligent skills-based routing that again pushes the envelope of virtual call center technology development. In any call-center environment, matching the right agent to the right customer is crucial. Nowhere is this matching as imperative as in the credit and collections industry. High-scored accounts must get to the best collectors. Spanish speakers must connect with Spanish speakers. Agent skills must be matched to customer needs.

Problematically, call centers have had to function in a world of trade-offs: more detailed and complex skills inevitably increased customer wait time. In turn, this led to more abandoned calls and missed opportunities.

Now agencies can have their cake and eat it too. And one slice can be black forest, while the next can be angel food.

TCN has revolutionized the way skills are matched on the back-end, drastically improving connection times. Continue Reading »

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TCN and Zions Bank: Speaking on Business

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This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

This is interesting: the United Kingdom ranks as Utah’s top export destination. It’s followed by China, Canada and India with Switzerland rounding out the top five. Governor Gary Herbert recently visited China on a trade mission and as a result, expects to see an economic impact of up to $60 million. Continue Reading »

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Review: Technology To Improve ROI

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For the most part, today’s agencies understand the benefits of using cloud-based technologies to bypass the manual dialing of answering machines, busies, no answers, invalids and fax dial attempts. However, it seems that because of the speed of technological developments, there is almost always the potential to increase agency performance and collection results. Continue Reading »

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Staying Current on Cell Phone Scrubbing

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With TCPA compliance being a hot topic for the past 2 years, TCN clients should take comfort in the fact that they have had the best TCPA compliance tools at their disposal all along. TCN offers a sophisticated 2 tier security in identifying cell phones and allowing our clients to take proper action with phone numbers that are cell phones with scrubbing using Block Assignment Identification and Portability Identification. Continue Reading »

No responses yet Covers New Website

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It has been only a week since TCN launched its new website and the response has been overwhelming. Dave Bethers, VP of Sales said in response to the new website and the way cloud call center solutions is heading, “Many people have speculated on what the acronym ‘TCN’ stands for; we would tell them Telephone Computer Network. After more than…
Continue Reading »

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TCN Unveils New Website to Keep Pace with Feature Growth

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Running a nimble and innovative technology company can be a lot like caring for a gaggle of growing children: one must constantly buy new clothes to accommodate gangly and growing limbs. In this analogy, the clothes are a company’s website.

The analogy holds: like clothes, a website should accurately portray its owner’s personality. It should pay proper respect to the prevailing styles. And it should keep up with all the physical and intangible changes since the last round of “shopping.” Continue Reading »

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