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ClearTouch is an intelligent messaging solution that is contract-free dialer. All you need is an internet connection and a phone. Click here to try it for free!

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Message Blasts
Made Easy

Communicate with customers, prospects, staff and others to build, manage and retain business. From marketing to billing, and from customer service to delivery, ClearTouch Notify can help you maximize efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, profit.

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Solution Synergy

Solution Synergy

We know that partnering with other leading companies has exponential advantages. That’s why we’ve combined our technologies with services from other businesses to provide even greater solutions to our industry. Contact ClearTouch to learn more about our API.

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Solution Synergy
Since 1999

You can rest assured that our cutting-edge developments is driven by feedback from the professionals who use our technology daily, you. So you know you are using the most efficient applications available. We are committed to weekly updates to ensure you are running the most current technology available.

  • Message Notifications
  • Intelligent Messaging
  • Machine Detection
  • Manual Dialing
  • Call Recording
  • IVR System
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Information Storing
  • Internal Software Integration
  • 24/7 Support

Put the Messages on Cruise Control

ClearTouch makes it easy to make maintenance reminder calls, billing updates, announce a new product for sale, or let customers know how much they are appreciated.

ClearTouch Intelligent Messaging

ClearTouch's Intelligent Messaging solution brings a new level of performance to your organization. Communication is the lifeblood of business. A clear, effective, efficient and economical channel of communication is what every business-person dreams of. ClearTouch makes your dream come true.

Leverage ClearTouch Technology

The most advanced technology in the simplest form. Ease with precision. No hardware, no software, no overhauling staff, ClearTouch provides the best hosted messaging options available. Business just got easier.

Just Upload, Record, & Send

In three simple steps, ClearTouch’s automated dialing and interactive messaging system can complete calls regarding payment processing, account upgrades, classified renewals, emergency notifications, and more. So give the task to us and press on!

Unlimited Possibilities.

  • We’ve been impressed with ClearTouch’s technology. Utilizing ClearTouch's hosted solution has enabled us to do what we do best—collect and service debt. We like the system and its ease of use. It has also enhanced the level of service we provide through ClearTouch's call recording and enhanced reporting.
  • We have been impressed with the flexibility of ClearTouch’s excellent customer service. Since partnering with ClearTouch, it’s become clear that our previous dialing platform was just a shell in comparison to the functionality provided by ClearTouch. The gap is so significant that we’ve seen an 80 percent growth rate in outbound dialing rates.
  • Motivated to switch from our existing call center solution to one with automated payment capabilities, ClearTouch’s installation process couldn’t have been easier. The entire process from start to finish was completed within one hour. We’ve been so pleased with the level of customer service we’ve experienced so far and we look forward to seeing how ClearTouch will continue to streamline our workflow.
  • We’ve been impressed with ClearTouch’s phone service. They have been very willing to customize the solution to meet our employee’s accessibility needs. Our employees like the system and its ease of use. It has enhanced the level of service we can offer our customers through its call recording and time reporting capabilities. In the future, we plan to use the system to measure and report productivity and utilization metrics, just as we do in our manufacturing environment.
  • ClearTouch was the very best predictive dialer and blast dialer choice for us because of the feature to value ratio. They have exactly what we need at a reasonable price. The true differentiator—ClearTouch’s staff is beyond responsive and helpful, even anticipating our needs as our business has changed and grown. Whether it is presenting enhanced ClearTouch capabilities or supporting us on new regulatory requirements for messages – they take our business very personally.
  • I shopped around and tried numerous other providers but none matched ClearTouch. The interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to manage. ClearTouch has increased our right-party connects ten-fold and increased our revenue significantly. And amazing support staff… Always there when I need them 24/7.
  • ClearTouch provides us the absolute best system at the best price. As a small business every dollar counts and I’m glad to say ClearTouch has increased our earnings. We look forward to a lasting relationship for years to come. Thanks ClearTouch!

    Reese T. Basile | National Bureau Collection Corp.

  • There is no contest between hosted and premise based dialers: do you want a hunk of worthless machinery (resale-wise), with upkeep and trunk line costs? Or do you want to pay to have it hosted and infinitely configurable by the user, accessible from any location? In my opinion: Hands down...Hosted!
  • As a manager in a call environment I see so much value in having agents on the phone, who are fully informed, instantly! ClearTouch makes that happen. The time consuming activities such as dialing, looking up accounts, and leaving messages, are all automated. At RSI we strive to be the best and to use the best systems available. ClearTouch is it.
  • The beauty of ClearTouch is the connection speed and information that is instantly available. Agents are logged into their portal, and when a human voice is heard they are instantly connected to the agent with a screen pop-up showing the consumer info. ClearTouch then automatically pulls that account up in our own system.
  • What has really helped us is the new ClearTouch interface platform for outbound IVR messaging. With ClearTouch’s outbound ability to utilize customized thresholds for sequential dialing, I get 3 times the link-backs for the same number of accounts. It has made all the difference for us.

Constituent Contact without the Contract.

Mail, email, and door-to-door methods of reaching voters can be laborious and costly. With ClearTouch, record & send your personalized message to thousands of contacts within minutes- no contract or subscription necessary.

We Pass the Test with Schools and Universities.

Educators understand the importance of alerting parents about student attendance, upcoming events, or emergencies. With ClearTouch technologies, it’s as simple as adding a list of individuals, recording your message, and scheduling the call.

Your Software Stronger.

By integrating pieces of ClearTouch technologies into your software, an unlimited number of blended solutions can be generated. Our API makes it simple and inexpensive to enhance your product and create streamlined revenue.